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"Who are K7 Compliance"

Having worked in the Security Industry for many years, assessing security organisations against the many industry standards, K7 Compliance was formed to deliver compliance services, to assist companies in meeting their certification needs as well as providing other services to meet their regulatory and risk management requirements.

"Our Services"

Management Systems (ACS, ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO18001, ISO27001)

Health and Safety Management

SIA Approved Contractor Scheme

Security Screening of Staff

Cyber Security

Compliance Auditing

Online Workforce Management Solutions

Risk Management

ACS Score Development

Security and Risk in Education

"Why K7"

K7 has extensive experience in managing compliance, having spent years both assessing and advising companies in line with recognised industry standards. Adopting a risk based approach to compliance, K7 can help you develop processes and systems to manage compliance, while at the same time adding value to your business.

K7 has also partnered with the University of Salford in developing a code of practice for the "Safety, Security and Wellbeing of Students"

It is the first UK higher education accreditation scheme to look comprehensively across this broad area. The need for Protect-ED is rooted in the recognition that universities have a wider role to play in supporting the safety and wellbeing of their students — not only while they are on campus, but throughout their student experience.

Protect-ED accreditation is designed to ensure universities provide the services and structures that enable students to avoid problems and focus on their success.

 Find out more at www.protect-ed.org 

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